Tom Schuermans

GitHub - Version controlled user group meetups

At Nucleus (my employer), we try to host monthly user group meetups. When I recently contacted the Fronteers user group to plan a meetup at our office, I noticed that they were using GitHub issues to plan the whole thing.

This concept was nice and easy to adapt, so we did. Currently, we are using GitHub issues to plan every meetup at our office. Each issue contains all details on the meetup (talks, links, rsvp rate, …) and a list of tasks which have to be completed.

You might think this is a hassle, but using the new issue templates, this process is a breeze. User groups can now create an issue to plan/discuss future meetups at our office. One of the main advantages is stepping away from email to communicate on all the details/logistics. Everyone can track all communication as it’s publicly available in the issue.

Looking for a location?

Are you part of a tech related user group and are you still looking for a location to host your next meetup? Go to our official repository and create a new issue, it’s that easy. We offer room for about 50 attendees and will provide food and drinks.