Tom Schuermans

GitHub - Version controlled user group meetups

GitHub recently introduced issue templates, an easy way to setup a structure for new issues, so each author of an issue knows which information should be present in the issue. We started using these issue templates to organise the user group meetups which take place in our offices.

GIT - Commit message formats

When working with an issue tracker (e.g. JIRA), it might be usefull to include an issue number in your commits. This post explains how you can “enforce” this workflow using a small GIT hook.

Composer - Enforcing GIT hooks

Ever wondered how you could setup GIT hooks for your team without physically copying the hooks for each team member? In this post I’ll explain how you can do this with the help of a composer plugin.

GIT - Comparing branch commits

I created a small GIT alias which can be used to list all commits which are different in your current branch compared to the develop branch (or any other branch).

PHP - Clearing the OPcache

PHP versions starting from 5.5 come with a built-in caching mechanism called OPcache. While this is a good thing, it might cause some problems if you are working with symlinked deploys (e.g. Capistrano). In this post I’ll explain how OPcache works and how you can get your symlinked deploys working again.